What is GlassDreaming?

Apparently, the “pro” photographers call their lenses “glass.”  I am just a hobbyist right now, but I like to take pictures of things, and I like to think that some of my pictures are creative/inspiring/provocative/whatever.  So these pictures represent some of my dreams, and they are taken through glass.  Hence, GlassDreaming.

Plus it sounds all emo and cool like that.  And everybody knows that emo is all the rage these days.

I am a computer scientist and mathematician who enjoys the creative process, and art in general. There’s actually a lot of crossover between mathematical research and creating art, and so the same reason that I love my job is the same reason that I enjoy taking pictures. I’m making something new that nobody else has seen before.

Anyways, take a look around, enjoy the pictures and leave a comment! If you’re interested in prints of any of my shots, or in portraits or other sessions, email me at drmorr at evokewonder dot com.