50/50, day 21! |

Ok, so I’m back.  And hopefully for good this time.  Over my break I took the opportunity to build up a small cache so that I don’t have to take a picture and post in the same day.  Hopefully that will relieve some of the pressure.

Someone also (very astutely) pointed out that most of my pictures are white-balanced terribly (especially my indoor shots).  Partly this is due to me liking slightly warmer photos, but it’s also because I don’t really pay any attention to it while I’m shooting.  Some of my photos that I’ve posted have been corrected in post-processing (my best shot for this was the tea shot), but that doesn’t always work out so well.  So this week (and probably the week after) I’m going to be focusing slightly more on indoor shots to play around with how the white balance settings work.

Ironically enough, today’s shot was just shot on auto white balance:

f/2.2, 0.6s, ISO-200