New Reading Material |

I may have a slight overabundance of reading material about photography for a while… I just picked up three books (well, two I borrowed from the library) about the subject. So far, definitely been worth it.

The first: The Photographer’s Eye, by Michael Freeman. This is a book all about composition and design of photos, and so far it’s brilliant. I love the fact that so far it has not mentioned the overly-clichéd Rule of Thirds once. (Actually, it made me realize that there were other, possibly better, ways of laying out photos). Here’s a gratuitous cover picture so that my front page doesn’t look bland and boring:

The next I haven’t started yet, but is by the same author, called The Photographer’s Mind. I have high hopes, based on the quality of the first one.

The last book is the 700-page-monster Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers. Given that I just started using Photoshop, and given that it is an insanely powerful piece of software, I wanted a resource that would show me how to use it to accomplish things like HDR and image enhancement, and other things that I’m tangentially interested in. The book so far is very good, but very dense. As in, literally. You could use it for weight-lifting.

So anyways, keep an eye out for some new stuff inspired by some of these books. I have a few ideas of projects that I want to start to try to improve my composition and design.