The Contrast Project, Part 2: Plane and Volume |

A long time ago, I started a new photography project, whereupon I stated that I wasn’t going to be rushing myself, and I would just post new entries when I was able. I guess I didn’t make that up.

Anyhow, the next contrast on my list is Plane and Volume. I actually found this one to be quite challenging, because it really wasn’t clear to me what “volume” meant. The interpretation I finally settled on was “3-dimensional object that is simple enough that it could be approximated by a basic shape (e.g., cube, ellipsoid, etc.)”. However, that didn’t really make my life any easier, because it was fairly difficult to find something like that in real life that was simple enough to display the contrast, and that also was in some way contrasted with a plane.

However, I finally found some stuff on our trip to Costa Rica that I’m reasonably happy with. It’s time for me to move on to the next contrast, and maybe it won’t take me three months to post about it this time!

1/60s, f/1.8, ISO-800, 50mm

1/60s, f/2.5, ISO-800, 50mm

1/400s, f/4.5, ISO-400, 105mm