Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk |

In the middle of October there’s this really cool event that happens around the world sponsored by a famous photographer and writer, Scott Kelby. Photographers gather all over the world on the same day and just take pictures. At the end there’s a contest, and some nifty prizes, but I think most of the fun is just in getting together with other photographers. This was the first year I participated, and as it happened I was in New Mexico, so I joined a photo walk there. We walked through the Las Cruces farmer’s market, and I got some really cool shots. This is the shot I submitted to the contest (I didn’t win, but that’s ok):

1/160s, f/4.5, ISO-100, 48mm

This shot is actually a composite of two different photos — the composition and framing was quite a bit better in this shot, but I liked the expression on the woman’s face from a different photo better, so I used Photoshop to merge them together.