Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2014 |

So last year I was privileged to attend the 2nd Annual Heidelberg Laureate Forum, which is a phenomenal conference where I got to meet 24 Fields Medalists, Turing Award Winners, Abel Prize Winners, and Nevanlinna Prize Winners, some of the top awards for ground-breaking computer science and mathematics research. Each of these awards is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

Anyways, I have finally gotten my act together to post some pictures from the event. I may have some more coming soon, or maybe not.  Also, this is a longer post than normal.  Sorry about that.

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2014

Sir Michael Francis Atiyah. Fields Medalist, 1966; Abel Prize, 2004.

Sir Michael Francis Atiyah. Fields Medalist, 1966; Abel Prize, 2004.

Manuel Blum. Turing Award, 1995.

Manuel Blum. Turing Award, 1995.

Wendelin Werner. Fields Medalist, 2006.

William Morton Kahan. Turing Award, 1989.

Stephen A. Cook. Turing Award, 1982.

Joseph Sifakis. Turing Award, 2007.

Martin Hairer. Fields Medalist, 2014.

Vinton Gray Cerf. Turing Award, 2004.

Ngô Bảo Châu. Fields Medalist, 2010.

Leslie Lamport. Turing Award, 2013.

Manjul Bhargava. Fields Medalist, 2014.

Robert Endre Tarjan. Nevanlinna Prize, 1982; Turing Award, 1986.

Shigefumi Mori. Fields Medalist, 1990.

Jean-Christophe Yoccoz. Fields Medalist, 1994.

Gerd Faltings. Fields Medalist, 1986.

John E. Hopcroft. Turing Award, 1986.

Efim Zelmanov. Fields Medalist, 1994.

Daniel Spielman. Nevanlinna Prize, 2010.

Hot Topic Presentation: The Role and the Potential of Mathematics and Computer Science in Developing Nations/Emerging Economies.